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What is an Assessment?

An ‘assessment’, in our context, is an extensive and structured collection of specific skills or competencies that we expect to observe in a given writing task. Each of these skills represents a crucial aspect of the student's understanding, creativity, or analytical abilities that we aim to evaluate.

The assessment is organised into skill groups, each encapsulating a set of related skills

Each skill is then broken down into medals and missions, scores, as well as explanations and examples. Medals and missions provide a rewarding system and a clear path for improvement, respectively. Scores quantify the student's proficiency in each skill, while explanations and examples offer a thorough understanding of each skill.

This organised structure allows the assessment to be versatile. 

It can be transformed into a questionnaire for students to self-evaluate their understanding and skills, or it can be used as a data analytics tool to track the progress of students. Moreover, it can be presented as a classical rubric for a more traditional approach to skill assessment.

One of the defining features of our assessment model is its reusability. 

It is designed with the intention that you can input your knowledge once into the system, and then this well-crafted tool can be reused, over and over again.

This approach not only promotes efficiency but also enables us to track the progress of students across a timeline. It allows us to observe their growth, identify their strengths, and address their areas of improvement.

You can design your assessment from scratch, or use one of the templates we have available.

Our pre-made assessments have been designed by experienced educators and subject matter experts. These can be used as they are or can be edited to better fit your specific needs. Alternatively, you can create your own assessments from scratch, giving you the flexibility to tailor an evaluation tool that perfectly aligns with your teaching style and goals.

Remember, the organisation and clarity of your skill groups can significantly impact the effectiveness of the assessment and the insights gained from it.