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How to use AI as a cross-marker

These instructions will explain how to use AI to help mark student work. First, make sure your assessment is set up and the student's work is uploaded.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Classes’.

Navigate to the 'Classes' section on the platform.

Step 2: Navigate to class assessments

Find the class you wish to mark, and click on the ‘Assessments’ button on the right hand side to show the assessment list.

Step 3: Find the assessment

Find the assessments you wish to mark, and select the action 'Mark Students' on the right hand side.

Step 4: Start marking a student

You should now see a list of all the students in your class. Find the student you wish to mark, and click on the 'Mark' action. This will direct you to the assessment form.

Step 5: Upload the assessment and set the topic

Before you start marking, make sure you have uploaded the assessment and populated the topic. Remember: if you are using one class topic, this will automatically be populated.

Step 6: Click on Professor Mark

Click on Professor Mark at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, and give him a few seconds to mark the assessment. He'll give you a wave when his mark is complete for your review. A notification will also appear in the top right hand corner of your screen to indicate the marking is complete.

Step 7: Review assessment form

Expand each skill group by clicking on the arrow to the right. As you expand each skill group, you will see that Professor Mark has populated the questionnaire based on his interpretation of your assessment parameters, the topic and the uploaded student's work. Ensure that you review and amend Professor Mark's assessment as you deem necessary. You can change the questionnaire by simply clicking on the question response you think is most accurate. Remember that this function is designed to provide an initial view on how the student should be marked, but does not replace your own marking process. Each time you, as the teacher, correct Professor Mark's interpretation, he will learn from that change and improve for the next essay within the assessment.

Step 8: Generate feedback

To generate feedback based on the completed form, scroll down to the ‘Written Feedback’ section and expand it by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side. Click the dark grey ‘Generate Feedback’ button and let the AI do its work.

Step 9: Review and tinker with the written feedback

The AI will consider the completed assessment form, the uploaded essay, and the topic to generate written feedback. This will appear in the text box within the ‘Written Feedback’ section. The text that appears provides you with a starting point to then edit and amend as you see fit. The system will remember any changes you make to this text, and try to produce feedback written more in your style in future marking. Once you’re happy with the feedback and assessment form, you can review the dashboard and share it with students. There is no need to click save – all feedback and questionnaire responses will save automatically.