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How should you decide the scores?

Determining scores is a critical part of the assessment process, as they have a significant influence on the feedback that students receive. Scores should be assigned after careful consideration of the relative difficulty and importance of each skill.

Here are the steps for determining scores:

Step 1: Pairwise comparison

Think critically about the relative difficulty and importance of the skill levels within and across skills. This will help you to understand which skills are more challenging and therefore should be assigned a higher score.


Step 2: Assign scores

Once you have determined the relative complexity and importance of each skill, assign scores accordingly. The bottom score for each skill is always set as "0", which indicates that the skill was not achieved, and therefore no points are awarded. The maximum score that can be allocated is "9". Example: For instance, if you have the skills 'Use of Vocabulary', 'Sentence Construction', and 'Punctuation', you might decide after pairwise comparison that 'Punctuation' is the least challenging and assign it a maximum score of 2. 'Use of Vocabulary' might be of medium difficulty, warranting a maximum score of 3. 'Sentence Construction' being the most challenging would receive a maximum score of 5.

Step 3: Review scores

If you find that you want to give a skill a score above 9 because it is extremely important relative to others, then consider splitting it into smaller, more manageable skills. For example, 'Arguments' could be broken down into 'Contention', 'Supporting Evidence', and 'Reasoning', with each sub-skill receiving its own score within the 0-9 range.

The scores you assign here will play a key role in determining which medals and missions are presented to the students on the Dashboard page. Their weighting will also influence the generation of student feedback.

Remember, the purpose of determining scores is not to rank students; it is to provide meaningful guidance to both the student and the underlying artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to determine the Scores thoughtfully.