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How do you set class or individualised topics?

This guide demonstrates how to include topics in your assessment creation. There are two types of topics available: individualised and class.

Class topics are prompts or topics that apply to the entire class. For example, you may have given them three options to choose from, or perhaps just one.

Individualised topics are those that the students have conceived themselves. These can be added later, once you have seen what each student has chosen to write about.

Adding a class topic - Step 1: Select class topic

First, navigate to 'Assessment Details'. Here, you'll find the option to choose between either a class or individualised topic. Select class topic.

Step 2: Enter your topic

Once ‘class topic’ is selected, a blank field will appear. Here, you can input the topic of your class. After you've entered the topic, you'll see a button that says 'Add Topic'. Click on it to add the topic to your class.

Step 3: Add additional topics

If you wish to add another Class Topic, follow the same steps. Note: You won't be able to use the 'Save and Continue' option on the Assessment Form until you've inputted a Class Topic.

Step 4: Choosing between topics during marking

When marking a student for a multi-topic assessment, you will need to select the relevant topic for that student. To do this, navigate to the top of the assessment form and use the topic drop down. This dropdown contains all the topics you added during the assessment creation process. Once you select a topic, the other topics will disappear. To change between topics, simply click the selected topic and re-select from the drop down.

Step 5: Adding new topics during marking

If you need to add a new class topic later in your marking process, you can return to the Assessments page and edit the relevant assessment. This will not affect your marking process, as it respects the decisions you've already made when selecting the topics. The new topic will simply be available for selection in future.

Adding an individualised topic - Step 1: Select individualised topic

Navigate to 'Assessment Details'. Here, you'll find the option to choose between either a class or individualised topic. Select individualised topic. You will notice that it does not prompt you for any further information, unlike the 'Create a Topic' option. This is because you will need to enter each topic on the assessment form page for each student.

Step 2: Add individualised topic during marking

Navigate to the assessment form for the student you wish to mark. You will see an input field for a topic at the top of the form. Enter the desired topic, and click out of the text box to save.