Give explicit feedback and track student progress
The English classroom changed forever last year. Your English Faculty must implement a digital strategy.

A "human-centric" approach to English assessment.

Mark My Words applies its patent-pending technology and evidence-based assessment-principles to the marking and feedback process you’ve always known - keeping the good bits, but making the steps quicker and the outcomes better.

Write a marking key that clearly reflects your expectations, setting the goalposts for your students and our system.
Use the marking key to assess the work like you always do, but this time allow our models to learn from you.
Generate specific, detailed and actionable feedback that references the student's work.
Use our dynamic dashboard to analyse the details of each student's performance, tracking their process across time.

Designed by a Head of English

Mark My Words transcribes handwritten essays, adapts to any writing framework used by your school, and automatically writes and visualises feedback for your students.

We must make the steps to success visible.

Patent-pending technology that learns as you use it.

Consistent, quality feedback that references the student’s work.

Automated performance analysis and insights

Create your own marking key

Track every skill for every student

Ensure no student falls through the cracks

Frictionless essay uploads

Transcribe handwritten work

Never again should an English teacher write feedback on the weekends.

Research shows that students are much more likely to implement feedback when it is personalised, immediate, and explicit.

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