Mark My Words


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How do you start marking?

Once you have attached an assessment to your class, you are ready to start marking.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Classes’.

Navigate to the 'Classes' section on the platform.

Step 2: Navigate to the student list.

Find the class you wish to mark, and click the ‘Student List’ button on the right hand side.

Step 3: Add students

You can add your students individually from this screen, by clicking 'Add Students' at the top right hand corner.

Mark - 4

Step 4: Add a new student

A pop-up window should appear on your screen. You can add a new student (i.e. one that you have not created previously) by selecting the ‘Add New Student’ tab, entering the student’s first and surname (and email, if you wish) and then clicking ‘Submit’.

Step 5: Add an existing student

To add an existing student (i.e. one you have set up previously), select the ‘Add Existing Student’ tab from the same pop-up screen. Find the student you wish to add, and click the plus icon to the right of their name. The icon will change to a minus symbol when selected. Once you have selected all relevant students, click ‘Submit’.

Step 6: Close the pop-up screen

Once you have added all students to the class, you can close the pop-up window by clicking the cross icon in the top right hand corner.

Step 7: Navigate to the assessment list

Once your student list is complete, navigate to the class assessments by clicking on the ‘Assessments’ tab along the top of your screen.

Step 8: Find the assessment

Find the assessments you wish to mark, and select the action 'Mark Students' on the right hand side.

Step 9: Start marking a student

You should now see a list of all the students in your class. Find the student you wish to mark, and click on the 'Mark' action. This will direct you to the assessment form.

Step 10: Populate the topic

In the top section of the assessment form, you will see a free text box for you to enter the topic of that student’s assessment. This is where you type in the topic or prompt for the assessment – such as the Persuasive Essay question, the Text Response Prompt or Creative Writing topic. If you set a class topic when you created the assessment, this will already be populated. If you set multiple class topics, you will have the option to select between these here. If you chose to use an individualised topic, you will need to type in the topic of the particular student you are marking. Click out of the text box to save what you have written.

Step 11: Upload the assessment

Upload the student’s assessment by clicking the yellow ‘Upload assessment’ button.

Step 12a: Paste in the student’s assessment as text

You can paste in the student’s work in text format by clicking on the ‘Paste’ tab, and pasting in the response as text into the large free text box that appears. When you are happy with the text entered, click ‘Submit’.

Step 12b: Alternatively, upload the student’s work as a PDF

You can also upload the student’s work as a PDF by selecting the ‘Upload’ tab and either dragging and dropping your PDF file, or browsing the files on your computer. Once the document has been added, the pop-up will close automatically and the file will load into the assessment form. Note: read this guide on how to mark handwritten work.

Step 13: Delete the uploaded assessment (optional)

If you wish to delete the file or text you have uploaded, you can do so by clicking the ‘Delete Assessment’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the uploaded assessment. This will generate a pop-up asking you to confirm you wish to delete. To confirm deletion, click ‘Delete’.

Step 14: Complete the assessment questionnaire (manual option)

Once the assessment has been uploaded, you can complete the assessment form based on the student's work. You do this by expanding each skill group using the arrow on the right hand corner, and completing the form as you would a survey. Refer to our guide on ‘How to use AI as a cross-marker’ for instructions on using AI to speed up this process.

Step 15: Generate feedback

To generate feedback based on the completed form, scroll down to the ‘Written Feedback’ section and expand it by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side. Click the dark grey ‘Generate Feedback’ button and let the AI do its work.

Step 16: Review and tinker with the written feedback

The AI will consider the completed assessment form, the uploaded essay, and the topic to generate written feedback. This will appear in the text box within the ‘Written Feedback’ section. The text that appears provides you with a starting point to then edit and amend as you see fit. The system will remember any changes you make to this text, and try to produce feedback written more in your style in future marking. Once you’re happy with the feedback and assessment form, you can review the dashboard and share it with students. There is no need to click save – all feedback and questionnaire responses will save automatically.