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How to create a new student

A new student can be created either through the ‘People’ page or through the ‘Classes’ page. 

Adding students through the ‘Students’ page (or, ‘People’ page if you are an admin user)

This process will create a new student. Once created, you will need to add the student to the desired class(es). 

Note: school administrators can use this process to add new teachers or admin users to their school platform.

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Students’ page

Step 2: Click ‘Add New Student’ (or, ‘Add New Person’ if you are an admin user)

Step 3: Enter student details

In the pop-up window, input the student's name and email address, if you wish. The student email is not relevant for teachers on teacher plans, only for those on school plans. Note: school administrators will need to add an email address for any teacher or admin user they are creating. The type of person being added can be determined using the dropdown in this pop-up window.

Step 4: Save details

Click 'Submit' to save the student's details. Once a student has been added to this page, they can be added to a class by searching the existing student list during the class set-up process.