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How do you mark draft assessments?

If you wish to mark a student against the same assessment criteria multiple times, for the one assessment, you can create one or more ‘draft’ versions of that assessment. This can be achieved following the steps below. 

Step 1: Find the assessment

Begin by navigating to the assessments page where all previously created assessments are listed. Find the assessment template that you wish to use for drafting.

Step 2: Duplicate the assessment

Once you've found the assessment, click the three dots on the right hand side, and select the 'Duplicate' option. This action will create an exact replica of the assessment, including all the skills, skill groups, and assigned scores. The duplicated assessment will appear at the bottom of your list of assessments, with the same name as the original assessment plus the word 'copy'.

Step 3: Edit the draft assessment

Click on the pen icon (the 'Edit' button) next to the duplicated assessment. This will take you to the edit screen of the assessment. Here, you can make any required changes.

Step 4: Make sure to rename your assessment

Make sure you rename the assessment to show it's a draft version. For example, if your original assessment was "Poetry Analysis", you could name the duplicate "Poetry Analysis - Draft". If you plan to have multiple drafts, consider numbering them ("Poetry Analysis - Draft 1", "Poetry Analysis - Draft 2", and so on). Make these changes in the duplicated assessment, not the original one, to avoid altering your main assessment.

Step 5: Save the changes

Once you're satisfied with the changes, don't forget to save them. Click on the 'Save and continue' button to ensure all your edits are saved.

Navigate to your class

Step 6: Navigate to your class and click 'Assessments'

Go to the 'Classes' section and select the ‘Assessments’ button next to the appropriate class. Here, you can attach the assessments you've prepared, like your final version and draft versions. This lets you mark students on multiple drafts while using the same assessment structure.

Attach an assessment

Step 7: Attach an assessment

To do this, click the yellow button at the top of the Assessments tab which says “Attach Assessment”. This will show a pop up with a list of all the assessments from the assessments page.

Step 8: Select the new assessment

The pop-up window will display all of your assessments. Click the plus icon next to the desired assessment, then click ‘Submit’, to add it to the class.