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How can I generate written feedback and make it sound like me?

Once you are comfortable with the completed assessment form, you can navigate to the 'Written Feedback' section.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Written Feedback’

Scroll down the assessment form to the ‘Written Feedback’ section and expand it by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side. Make sure the assessment form has already been completed.

Step 2: Generate feedback

Click the dark grey ‘Generate Feedback’ button. This will instruct the AI to prepare written feedback based on the uploaded student work, the topic, and your responses in the assessment form above.

Step 3: Review and edit written feedback

AI generated feedback will appear in the text box within the ‘Written Feedback’ section. The text that appears provides you with a starting point to edit and amend as you see fit. Any changes you make to written feedback, such as shortening or removing sentences, restructuring paragraphs, citing student work or personalising sign offs, will influence how the AI writes feedback for other students in that assessment. The first few essays that you mark for any given assessment will likely require the most editing, because the system will not yet have learnt your style. The more you interact with this text, the better the automatic generation will become.

Step 4: Saving your feedback

All changes to the assessment form, including the generation and amendment of feedback, will save automatically. You can now review and share the student dashboard.