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How to mark a handwritten essay

In addition to marking a student’s typed work, you can also mark work completed by hand. You do this by scanning and uploading a handwritten task into the assessment form. This guide steps out how.

Step 1: Scan the handwritten work

Scan the student’s work and save it to your computer. Ensure that it is scanned in cleanly: the better the scan, the better the transcription. You want the lines to be as straight as possible. If you do not have a scanner, you can take a clear photo of each page and send these to your computer. From here, you will need to save each page as a PDF and stitch them into one document. At the moment, the system cannot read images that are pasted into a word document. Each image will need to be its own PDF page.

Step 2: Click ‘Upload assessment’

Upload the scanned assessment by clicking the yellow ‘Upload assessment’ button.

Step 3: Upload handwritten document in PDF format

Ensuring you have the ‘Upload’ tab of the pop-up open, you can either drag and drop your PDF file into the blank space, or browse the files on your computer. Once the document has been added, the pop-up will close automatically and the file will load into the assessment form.

Step 4: Wait for transcription to occur

You will see Professor Mark in the bottom right hand corner of your screen with the text ‘transcribing assessment’. Give the system a couple of minutes to complete the transcription.

Step 5: Review transcription

Click “Edit scanned essay” to review and amend the transcription. The transcription does not need to be completely accurate in order for it to provide useful feedback, but you should absolutely know how it is making its decisions and check them as you go.