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The power of an AI-powered essay comment bank

The AI-enhanced essay comment bank is a game-changer for those looking to provide written feedback to students. Evolving from its rudimentary beginnings as an Excel spreadsheet, Mark My Words blends artificial intelligence with the documented knowledge of the teacher, making the feedback process quicker, more consistent, and extremely personalised.

Traditionally, comment banks were often vague and lacked context. They were widely shared, reused, and frequently seen circulating on online platforms like Twitter and Facebook. With the power of AI, the most fitting feedback from the comment bank can be selected and delivered to the student in a context-specific manner, even citing the essay itself.

Implementing an AI-enhanced essay comment bank requires an initial time investment to ensure all of the teacher's knowledge is incorporated into the knowledge base. However, this investment is undoubtedly worthwhile. The more detailed and structured the knowledge base, the more valuable the comment bank becomes. Over time, the value of an AI-enhanced essay comment bank becomes evident, proving to be a significant asset for the contemporary educator.

In addition to saving time, Mark My Words enables teachers to deliver clear, direct feedback that aligns with learning objectives, empowering students with a better understanding of their mistakes and how to apply feedback to future tasks. Furthermore, AI-enhanced essay comment banks enhance the consistency of feedback, ensuring every student receives personalised feedback tailored to their unique errors.

Mark My Words also doubles as a valuable tool for ongoing learning and development. Teachers can refine their comment banks over time, with AI progressively improving their feedback, making it more effective for promoting student learning. A well-structured comment bank also enables insightful analyses of progress at the level of a student, a class, a cohort, or even a school.

Teachers and leaders seeking to streamline their grading process and school leaders wishing to enhance consistency and fairness in feedback should consider the many benefits of AI-enhanced essay comment banks. Comment banks are no longer just for the 'lazy' teacher; rather, Mark My Words is a tool for proactive teachers committed to ensuring the best outcomes for their students.